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Below you will be able to follow some of our biggest monthly and yearly winners at Fly Casino.


Amount Won


RB11 $4690 Angel & Devil
EP39 ZAR74000 M Monroe
FT33 £8100 Roulette
BW59 CAD6058 Golden Games
DV67 CAD4828 Blade
TM71 $6470 Fantastic Four
RR96 ZAR60,800 Panther Moon
SC41 £8000 Roulette
BL13 CAD7842 Avengers
FF91 €4250 Full Moon Fortune
GC91 CAD6700 Rome & Glory
TW09 $2500 KENO
FC13 ZAR60000 Iron Man 3
BP79 £6900 Irish Luck
MN51 $7125 The Avengers
RE09 $5129 Wu Long
CT23 €6000 BlackJack
BA37 CAD4129 Cute & FLuffy
LD31 AUD7814 Great Blue
VS41 £4000 Video Poker
LS93 CAD6400 Piggies and Wolf
BC51 ZAR75,500 Archer
TR01 CAD12000 Roulette
DE36 $5690 Thor
FT09 AUD7100 Blackjack
CW41 CAD3657 John Wayne
CM01 €2604 Irish Luck
TW41 £1500 Full Moon Fortune
LP79 $2615 Thor
GS54 $3330 Fantastic Four
CM01 CAD1225 Chippendales
CT09 $1650 Thor
LM19 £1100 Hulk
CS59 ZAR14,000 Rocky
NF39 $1520 John Wayne
SL16 AUD4200 Chippendales
PM44 £1660 Britain’s Got Talent
TW12 CAD1940 Thor
GM79 $1175 Wolverine
RW12 £1585 Iron Man 3
JT41 $2315 Amazon Wild
MH96 CAD1050 Captain America
CR79 £2650 Roulette
OH85 AUD2020 Silent Samurai
PE75 AUD10,540 Spider-Man
RL20 ZAR80,800 Captain America
FS57 £3350 Blackjack
RC41 CAD1450 Wolverine
LT34 £2100 Captain America
DW88 $2400 Piggies and the Wolf
VN51 £1125 Thor
FK91 $1355 Blackjack
PE75 AUD2560 Spider-Man
MS32 ZAR30,480 Wolverine
SS55 £3175 The Avengers
FR11 $1500 Blade
OY42 CAD4300 Captain America
CS59 ZAR10000 Blackjack
LT10 $1555 Thor
ST41 AUD3300 Wolverine
GF01 CAD1400 Thor
IM66 $1900 Fantastic Four
JR17 £2890 Blackjack
DL72 £3500 Rocky
PH81 $2445 Captain America
SW21 CAD1100 Wolverine
UC98 AUD2875 Casino Holdem
BW25 $1100 Thor
UM72 £2550 Iron Man 3
LL89 CAD900 Wolverine
KE11 $1785 Desert Treasure
SE14 CAD4300 Amazon Wild
CR44 ZAR22,000 Amazon Wild
PT10 £1725 Fantastic Four
LL84 $4500 Piggies and the Wolf
SR86 AUD1100 Thor
LL21 $1400 Thor
VK18 CAD4500 X-Men 50 Line
MA98 £1500 Piggies and the Wolf
CC21 $4500 Spider Man
YT80 JPY380,000 Blackjack
NB17 CAD1320 Piggies and the Wolf
FA42 ZAR25,000 Ghost Rider
PR83 AUD885 Britain’s Got Talent
KA03 $3800 Wolverine
KB32 £1450 Iron Man 3
LY88 CAD1250 Iron Man 3
JK84 CAD2390 Spider-Man
PT11 £2245 Elecktra
MR32 $4200 Little Britain
AT91 CAD1000 Caribbean Stud
BN22 £2500 Thor
PO87 £1800 Cowboys and Aliens
KT15 ZAR55,000 Iron Man 3
KF77 CAD1000 Captain America
RV82 AUD1900 Golden Tour
PL02 £2200 Elektra
WT25 $1100 Iron Man 3
JL26 CAD2875 Little Britain
JB22 $1400 Thor
CB71 $1800 Captain America
KY96 £1300 Marilyn Monroe
CW31 CAD3300 Ghost Rider
ER88 £855 Sopranos
NJ12 $5250 Ghost Rider
MJ43 CAD3330 Iron Man 2
CR83 AUD2345 Blackjack
JT41 £1420 The Sopranos
BH08 $7500 Iron Man 3
KN19 CAD1875 Captain America
PT86 ZAR27000 Blade
VN00 CAD2500 Highway Kings Pro
JH02 AUD8840 Wolverine
JT32 AUD616. Six Million Dollar Man
MS32 ZAR16875 Ghost Rider
TS12 $1100 Funky Fruit Farm
NR04 AUD2200 Jacks or Better
KM08 £1245 Captain America
LR54 CAD4475 Captain America
MR09 £3300 The Sopranos
KO21 CAD1225 Blackjack
CB43 £1485 Little Britain
PM92 AUD985 Iron Man 2
SS27 ZAR21700 Multiple Games
BF72 $5600 Marilyn Monroe
HJ87 £4215 Baywatch
VK07 CAD1400 Thor
LM19 $1700 The Avengers
JJ10 AUD1000 Hulk
ML07 CAD3000 Little Britain
VD85 $2700 Funky Fruit Farms
KB32 AUD1700 Dolphin Cash
KM11 £1100 The Avengers
YY13 $4500 Captain America
AR33 £1100 John Wayne
HV81 $8,800 Iron Man 3
AR33 £3,000 John Wayne
ER95 $1300 Desert Treasure
LB55 CAD 2,120 Jacks or Better
NV01 £1,170 Marilyn Monroe
HR12 $2,455 Thor
TT74 ZAR 50,000 Desert Treasure
AM33 CAD 3,375 European Roulette
ML13 £6,700 Multiple
AB32 $1,300 Captain America
LS19 $2,275 Captain America
YL52 AUD 2,000 Rome & Glory


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